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Care of Finished Mounts

Hanging and placement

  • Make sure to hang your taxidermy mount on a sturdy screw in a suitable location. Heavy mounts must be supported by a wall stud.
  • When moving and handling your mount, hold it by the antlers if you can, and avoid damaging hair or altering hair patterns.
  • Keep your mount away from excessive heat, moisture, and sunlight. Placement in damp basements without dehumidifiers or locations above a heat source may result in damage to your mount. Bright sunlight will fade hair colors, while smoke from fireplaces or cigarettes will discolor a mount. Drastic changes in temperature and humidity and exposure to insects, such as outdoors or in a garage, can damage any mount.
  • Place your mount safely out of reach of pets and children.

Cleaning and insect prevention

  • Mounts can be gently vacuumed with a brush attachment or dusted in the direction of the hair, and hair can be brushed with a pet brush. Be sure your brush is clean and will not transfer other hair or dander to your mount.
  • Use a damp towel for cleaning antlers and horns. NEVER use products containing oil on the horns of sheep, antelope, or African game.
  • Window cleaner on a cotton swab works well for cleaning glass eyes. Be careful not to soak the skin around the eyes with any liquid cleaner.
  • Diamond Dust Taxidermy and Art’s mounts are treated to prevent insects, but any mount can still be vulnerable to infestation. At any sign of insect damage, treat with an insecticide. We also have Mount Medix Mount Protector available for purchase.  This product is great for regular cleaning and pest prevention.