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Taxidermy Services

I’m happy to be your taxidermist of choice for game heads, life size mammals, antler mounts, and European skull mounts.

Antler Mounts

You have the option to pick your antler form, form covering, trim, and wood panel.  Form coverings can range from camouflage or other fabric to fine deerskin leather.

European Skull Mounts

Skulls are professionally beetle cleaned, degreased, and whitened, resulting in no grease discoloration or bone damage from boiling.  Camo dipping is also available.

Game Head and Life Size Mammal Mounts

Note: Diamond Dust Taxidermy is currently not taking any new taxidermy work but we are still taking skull and antler mounts.

I strive to make the best taxidermy mounts possible.  To do this, I use the highest quality materials available, such as taxidermy mannikins, glass eyes, hide paste, clay, epoxy, and paint from the industry’s leading suppliers.  I also use taxidermy methods that will result in a high quality mount. Vital parts of my work include using reference materials for accurate mounts and staying up-to-date on the latest taxidermy techniques.  I work not only to portray accurate anatomy, poses, and habitat in my mounts, but also to design an overall creative composition that incorporates my art background.  I have a variety of materials on hand, including high quality artificial foliage, to build a custom habitat base that can recreate the environment of your hunt, or simply complement your mount.  Every mammal I receive is professionally tanned, giving you a mount that will last a lifetime if well cared for.